SisterHood in HiFi

Salon109 in High Fidelity

ITP Thesis 2019


Salon109 proposes a framework for creating meaningful connections in Social VR, by collaboratively constructing a space to safely start conversations and take ownership of the virtual world-building process.

As social dynamics in open virtual worlds have largely been unfavorable towards women, Salon109 revives the historic model of salons as a force where women facilitate an exchange of ideas and culture in their living rooms. In High Fidelity’s decentralized platform, I can truly play host with my own domain and server where I can decide who can come in and who’s allowed to make changes. Best of all, I am able to invite my family and friends to create the world with me from within.

My ethnic and cultural background is highly diasporic, and Social VR metaverses represent a form of freedom where we exist as entities on the cloud. My virtual identity is embodied in a unique avatar I uploaded, through which I’ve been extending my lifestyle to places that forsake geography.

The collaborative creation of Salon109 takes place at, culminating in a virtual opera recital by my sister Aili. To best mitigate the reality that access to VR is limited, those without headsets are able to follow via a Youtube livestream and send in chat messages. The final form of the space will be packaged and sold on the blockchain at the High Fidelity marketplace for 1HFC (approx $0.01), as an offering to the platform, and the footage captured through headsets from the event will also be made into a short documentary.

Thesis Presentation Video: