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software: OpenCV, P5.js, MadMapper, Premiere Pro, Syphon
hardware: webcam, projector, paper lantern, LucidCam VR180 camera


Spherescape is an interactive 180 degree film projected on a paper lantern that serves as an immersive display.  By blinking twice rapidly, the viewer can switch between two different versions of the same scene.

showcased at: ITP Winter Show 2017
collaborator: Barak Chamo



The film takes place on Election Day of 2016. In one storyline, three best friends, stand together all wearing all white, as they take in a historical and victorious moment.  In the alternate reality, they are raucous and tearful , yet united and resilient, as they dance the night away to an anthem referenced by Hilary Clinton: "We Can't Stop", by Miley Cyrus.